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Skip navigation! Story from Money Diaries. Welcome to Money Diarieswhere we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money.

We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar. Day One. I get up, get dressed, wash my face, brush my teeth, feed the three dogs and cat I'm currently watching while I'm house-sitting, and am out the door by 7 a. I stop by Starbucks on my way to work and get a black tea with lemonade and a chocolate croissant. I spend a few minutes texting my friend in California about my birthday this weekend and how I'm feeling more unsettled about 31 than I did about I heat up some taco soup I made and top it with cheese.

I also fill up my 40 oz. Hydro Flask with ice water and try to finish the whole thing during lunch. I try to drink two of these a day, but I haven't had any yet today, so I'm feeling behind. Then I look at shoes I've been wanting from Costco that are on sale and decide I'll buy them on Thursday when I get paid.

I realize that because of the money I've been saving diligently by bringing lunch to work for the past month, I can totally justify shoes. I realize I don't have any food ready at home and I left my leftover soup at work that I had planned to have for dinner, so I swing through Panda Express and get wok shrimp, wok steak, and white rice with some cream cheese rangoons.

I thought it was Thursday, but it's actually tomorrow, so my schedule is off a bit. I text the housekeeper while I'm eating my dinner the shrimp is awful and I don't want any more of it, so I'm not getting the two meals I wanted out of it and let her know they're home tomorrow.

She wants to clean before they get home, so she moves some clients around and is able to come tomorrow. I shower, start the dishes, do some laundry, pack up my stuff I have a lot for being here over a weekclean out the fridge, refill the dogs' water bowl outside, and get ready for them to be home. I'll run my flat iron over my hair in the morning so it's manageable.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. The Blueberry Muffin Pilot 2. The Bloody Bonfire 3. Erin the Errand Girl 4. Friday Night Bites Pt. Friday Night Bites pt. Glimpse of the Past : Mystic Falls 8.

The Fallout. One more chapter till Damon and Erin officially meet! Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy this chapter. See the end of the chapter for more notes. Jeremy had ditched Erin about five minutes into the epic search for Vicki, Leaving a very irritated Erin wandering around the Comet Festival looking for a supposedly drugged out girl.


Erin was starting to get real tired of dealing with stupid people, her patience was starting to reach its limit. Today was so not the day to fuck with her. Apparently Damon Salvatore did not get this memo. Erin happened to stumbled upon Vicki when she followed the sounds of scuffling in to a nearby alley way. But was anyone in the alley way? No because that would be too easy. No they had to be on the roof right above said alley. Because that was so inconspicuous.

Really was Damon trying to expose himself to the council?

Sex diaries Anchorage times

Perhaps he was just stupid. She could see the leather clad back of Damon Salvatore facing away from her, hands waving wildly as he tried to make his point to a apprehensive Stefan. Did he kill her? A few minutes later Vicki stumbled out of the building next to the alley clutching her neck in a daze. Erin quickly moved out of sight and watched long enough to make sure Vicki got to the Grill alright before she disappeared.

Screw the damn festival, they could manage without her, she was going home. Erin trudged up the stairs, trying to be as quiet as possible.

As she passed Jeremy room she noticed that Jenna and Elena were inside ransacking his room.At a whoppingsquare miles, Alaska is the largest state in the union. You could spend a decade plumbing its depths and barely scrape the surface. And yet too many travelers give the city short shrift, popping in for a night and sometimes just a few hours. This way you can explore more off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods you might not otherwise see, like Mountain View, and make day trips beyond the city proper.

Fierce taxidermied bears greet guests in the lobby; rising up behind them is a large fountain with spouting whale tails. Rooms are clean and spacious, parking is ample, the internet is fast, and the hotel draws a good cross-section of tourists and business folk. Established inthese are the oldest digs in town and, fittingly, the building has a long, creepy history of ghost encounters: lights flipping on and off, paintings flying off walls, child specters playing in closets.

Bonus points for the grilled rice balls with hijiki and tasty fire-licked skewers of eel and chicken thigh. The best neighborhood in Anchorage to sample a variety of cuisines is Mountain View.

Uncle Bill. Hula Hands does traditional Hawaiian, Samoan, and Tongan cuisine, including ahi poke, juicy kalua pig with creamy macaroni salad and a scoop of steamed white rice, and salt-cured lomi salmon like belly lox on steroids and definitely an acquired taste.

If you can corner Uncle Bill in the kitchen at West Berlin, do so; he knows everything about everything in Mountain View — and also has a deep love of European arts. So know this: Anchorage Brewing Company is tapping the most progressive stuff within city limits. And then they make creative, seasonal creations like a blueberry sour aged in French-oak foudres. Also of special note: Bleeding Heart Brewery in Palmer, about 50 minutes north of downtown Anchorage, is the smallest brewery in the state.

First stop: the Anchorage Museum. It opened in with a meager 2, items; today the collection encompasses more than 27, objects, spanning the art, history, science, politics, and culture of the North. And it just keeps growing: Last fall, the museum unveiled the final stages of its latest expansion project, which included a new wing with 25, square feet of gallery space.

The gift shop at the Anchorage Museum is a superlative place to scout for tasteful souvenirs like beaded earrings, ivory carvings, and seal-skin yo-yos made by indigenous artists, plus handsome coffee-table books about life up North. From here, you can loaf around downtown, sampling reindeer sausages from street vendors, popping in and out of craft galleries Sevigny Studio sells made-in-Alaska paintings, prints, and birch-bark baskets woven by Eagle River artist Robert Douthitand admiring the millennial-pink Art Deco signage at the now-shuttered 4th Avenue Theatre.

BWW Review: THE SANTALAND DIARIES at Actors Theatre Of Louisville

In the late afternoon, head to the Lake Hood Seaplane Basethe busiest float-plane base in the world. Their fleet includes nine seaplanes Cessna s and deHavilland Beavers and Turbine Ottersperfect for day trippers.

Just how close you can get depends on the winds that day — a strong gust coming off a hanging glacier makes a little plane feel like a feather in a hurricane! Pilots point out moose and Dall sheep along the way, but BYO binoculars if you want to see the animals in detail.

Back on terra firma, set aside at least half a day to explore the area between Anchorage and Palmer. The well-maintained Glenn Highway is a lovely drive, whizzing past hazy charcoal-blue mountains and oceans of purple fireweed.

At Chugach State Parknorth of Eagle River and south of Eklutna, you can pick up the Thunderbird Falls trailheadwhich is popular with military families but not as crowded as Mt. Baldy or Flattop Mountain. Not recommended for anyone with a fear of heights! Eight hundred years before the missionaries turned up, the Knik Arm in the Cook Inlet was home to native Athabascan Indians.

At first glance, the cemetery appears woefully unkempt. This is intentional. Forty days after a body is buried here, a spirit box is placed over the grave, and family members paint it in colors representing their heritage. In Athabascan tradition, the spirit houses are then left to decay so that the soul of the deceased may return to the earth from which they came.

One final reason to time your trip between May and September: so you can lock in an outing with Alaska Farm Tours.We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The Nittany Lions took care of business on a very challenging road trip.

Penn State hockey took advantage of the Alaska trip this season, returning with a win and a tie vs the hometown Seawolves of Alaska-Anchorage.

The team has now strung together two wins and two ties on the road thus far, the longest unbeaten road streak in program history. Guy Gadowsky's squad shrugged off the challenge of playing on an Olympic-sized sheet of ice as well as the extensive travel. The four-thousand mile trip for a pair of games with Alaska-Anchorage is the longest road trip possible for the Lions and it's nice that the team returned without suffering a loss.

The team returned on a flight that left Alaska at 4 a. This week PSU has a couple of extra days to recover from the travel, facing Vermont on Sunday in Philadelphia in the lone game over the next twelve days. Here's a recap of both games from the Last Frontier.

Penn State got off to a quick start in the first game of the series. Skating on the large ice surface inside of Sullivan Arena in Anchorage didn't faze the high-octane offense employed by the Lions.

With twelve shots on goal in the first period, the team was only slightly below its nation-leading shots on goal per game average. Eight minutes in freshman Andrew Sturtz broke the ice in the scoring column with a nifty wrist shot that beat Alaska-Anchorage goalie Olivier Mantha.

Fellow freshmen Kevin Kerr and Chase Berger assisted on the play. Just a minute and a half later Sturtz scored again, this time unassisted, on a short-handed goal. The strike was the sixth goal in eleven games for the young sniper. It appeared that PSU was on a roll, heading to an easy victory, but that sentiment lasted only for a few minutes. In a span of just 29 seconds the Lions saw the lead evaporate when Dylan Hubbs and Nicolas Erb-Ekholm each scored for the Seawolves to tie it up at two apiece.

Losing the lead in such swift fashion put the Lions on the defensive for the remainder of the first period.Little is known about the cognitive strategies young people use to explain this inconsistency.

Sixty-three young adults 32 women and 31 men completed daily diaries over a three-week period, providing a total of 1, daily reports tracking their condom use and non-use during intercourse. Participants primarily viewed condoms as a means of preventing pregnancy; few described disease prevention as a main motivation for their use.

Analysis of the cognitions underlying their explanations for condom and contraception non-use were classified as 1 general biased risk evaluation, 2 biased evidence evaluation, 3 endorsement of poor alternatives, 4 focus on spurious justifications, 5 dismissing risk, and 6 ignoring risk.

Prevention interventions should incorporate methods to challenge young people to acknowledge personal risk and commit themselves to taking steps to reduce this risk. High school students are the target of a vast amount of informational and educational material on the consequences of unprotected sexual behavior, that is, behavior not protected by condom use.

Yet, there are many indices suggesting high rates of unprotected sexual activity in this group. For instance, rates of sexually transmitted infection STI are highest among young adults i. A national study determined that one in three sexually active people will contract a sexually transmitted infection by the time they are 24 Kaiser Family Foundation, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that nearly one-third of college women attending four-year institutions have experienced a pregnancy CDC, Each of these findings indicate that sexual health education is still required at these later ages.

Relationship status is not necessarily a protective factor for young people. Risk for STIs would be close to nil if individuals could be assured that their partners were monogamous and entered the relationship without pre-existing infection. This pattern indicates that knowledge of and motivation to avoid infection, although fundamental, are not sufficient to produce actual changes in behavior.

Moreover, when young people do report using prevention methods, closer assessments often reveal that they do not do so accurately, consistently, or at all Zenilman et al. Moreover, young people often falsely believe that the use of hormonal methods—the most widespread use of contraception in this population Alan Guttmacher Institute, —provides protection against infection when it, in fact, provides none whatsoever Elders, Each of these factors suggests the need to explore further how young people make decisions affecting their sexual health.

Notably missing from the literature, however, is information regarding how young people understand or explain the discrepancy between knowing the importance of using condoms during intercourse and implementing this prevention behavior.

A guiding premise of this study was that young adults understand what constitutes protected sex and endorse a standard regarding consistent use of protection via condoms, but that a range of psychosocial and circumstantial factors challenge this standard.

What we sought to determine here was how young people explain those choices in light of this standard. To this end, we drew from both an empirical and theoretical foundation from the social cognitive literature.

Sex diaries Anchorage times

Based on this social cognitive literature, we propose that when people receive discrepant information about their stated ideals and actual behaviors, they are motivated to develop explanations that activate self-verification efforts to restore a sense that they are, given their circumstances, making right or reasonable choices.

Researchers have studied a number of strategies that individuals use to preserve positive self-conceptions, such as underestimating the occurrence of past and future negative events in favor of positive events Kunda, and taking undue credit for positive events, but not negative events i. Unrealistic positive perceptions may lead people to ignore legitimate risks and fail to take measures to offset those risks—a tendency of particular significance in the study of decisions to engage in unprotected sexual activity.

Information regarding the cognitive strategies that individuals use to explain their choices may inform the literature regarding discrepancies in self-reports and actual behavior and ultimately help to identify practical points of intervention in prevention efforts. The current study required young adults to collect prospective diary data regarding their sexual interactions over a three-week period and then to complete a qualitative interview regarding their decisions to use or not use condoms during sexual activity.

A central goal of this study was to examine how young adults make decisions to engage in unprotected sexual activity and to identify cognitive strategies young people use in explaining these decisions.

A research question guiding the study was whether explanations reveal self-verification efforts among individuals acknowledging discrepancies between their ideals protected sexual activity and actual behavior unprotected sexual activity. Other researchers, as noted above, have documented the range of psychosocial and circumstantial factors that make it difficult for young people to be consistent in their condom use; therefore, these factors were not the focus here.

Rather, we explored the cognitive factors characterizing how young people understand the choices they make regarding unprotected sexual intercourse. The data generated from this form of self-report were used in subsequent individual interviews. We also assessed whether condom use would be more closely associated with pregnancy or disease prevention for this sample of young adults.

The sample comprised 63 young adults 31 men and 32 women recruited from a public college in New York City using fliers distributed at several common student areas. Approximately fliers were distributed on the campus over a one-month period.In a geographically large state with a small population, funders wear multiple hats and coordinate easily across organizations to address formidable challenges — including homelessness, lack of affordable housing and healthcare services, access to high-quality P education, workforce development and much, much more.

In striking contrast to the rest of the country, Alaska faces, at times, a drastically different economic landscape. When cities and states across the country slogged through tough economic times 10 years ago, Alaska weathered the Great Recession relatively well. Now, as most of the country enjoys a period of modest growth, Alaska is experiencing its third year of an economic downturn. Staff from both organizations recently visited Anchorage, one of 11 cities on their tour, to better understand how unique state conditions impact economic vitality and mobility to inform future grantmaking.

In a recent development, the state announced last month its plans to partner with the national non-profit EducationSuperHighway to launch its K Broadband Initiative. Despite some of these unique challenges, funders in Alaska will point out that the state is ripe for innovation and scale, where projects and ideas can be piloted for replication in other parts of the country.

You have an ecosystem where politicians are accessible and know their constituents and local leaders by name. Key organizations readily collaborate in order to leverage government and private investments, allowing projects to easily scale. For example, there are only about 55, children under the age of 5 in Alaska. Despite the fact that the state is so large with many communities accessible only by airplane, the number of children is small and real change can happen. Early education funders can test and refine Pre-K initiatives to achieve full enrollment in a state like Alaska, and then implement them in other states.

Our trip to Alaska culminated in the launch of the discovery phase of our next Native Giving report to be released mid — with Alaska as the first state on our itinerary.

We walked away with a clear mandate to ensure Alaska Natives are a key focus of the report. Philanthropy Northwest looks forward to further raising the visibility of this state, especially given its unique network of tribes, villages and corporations. Census counts directly impact resources for communities.

The rural and Alaska Native communities are at higher risk for not being fully counted due to low mail return rates in the last census and lack of internet access in rural areas. Opportunities to get involved include:. Historically, Alaska Native giving is often left out of philanthropic reports. We aim to center this community in future reports and efforts, like the Native Giving Report. No doubt, our trip to Alaska left a profound impression on me.

I am more deeply committed to ensuring that Philanthropy Northwest makes a sustained effort to meaningfully support the State of Alaska, its leaders and its Native communities.

Skip to main content. Kiran Ahuja. June 28, This week, a stay-at-home mom on a date with a sexy European: 40, married, straight, Soho. Our 3-year-old twins wake us up early. Mornings are always hell.

I make my kids eggs and toast while my husband drinks coffee and reads the paper. He helps me very little.

Sex diaries Anchorage times

I would like to do everything alone with my kids, without any nanny or help, but it is almost impossible. He is off to work at his law firm.

He always goes downstairs and catches a taxi. I get the kids to nursery school. I have no right to complain. I sit at Balthazar for breakfast. I do my emails here, breathe, etc.

A Week In Anchorage, AK, On A $40,000 Salary

I also come to look for men. I want to have an affair. He hates me too. Somehow our hatred for each other has reached a place where it works. Nanny, kids, play-date insanity, then time to cook dinner. I make dinner every night while the nanny winds down the kids. I love her so much. I would die without her. We pay her well and handle her health insurance.

Hug the nanny good-bye. Sometimes I want to cry, out of gratitude. I feel so alone most of time. Does that make any sense? When we first met, we had a lot of fun.


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